wooden cherry cup coasters set handmade.

Coaster Care

Our cup coasters are finished in natural oils and sealed with a blend of carnauba & beeswax. They will need looking after to maintain their beauty...

1. Make sure your cup is dry on its base before placing on your coaster to avoid leaving water marks. 

2. If you spill liquid on your coaster wipe down quickly with a slightly damp cloth. Then dry with a tea towel. 

3. Clean the top side (not the rubber feet side) from time to time with a weak water and eco-type washing liquid mixture and a slightly damp cloth. Fully dry with a tea towel, ensuring no water is left on the surface or the edges. 

4. If you do have any really stubborn water marks that you can't remove using this method please email us for help sales@greygum.co.uk