I am finished with natural Tung Oil and hand waxed with a special bees wax blend. 

Use care with some foods

Avoid spilling foods like curries and dishes that contain oil-based seasoning. If spilt they can stain your table top. Whilst amazing to eat they do nothing for the appearance or smell of wood surfaces. 

​It is safest to cover your table with an oil cloth if you wish to serve these food types at your table. 

How to clean me

Table Tops 

​Do not use harsh cleaning detergent sprays that contain bleach as they break down the oils exposing the timber. We recommend wiping your table using a damp, but not wet, lint free cloth. Mix water with a drop or two of an ecological type washing up liquid. Wipe down without wetting the surface too heavily. Or try this natural cleaning spray for oil and waxed surfaces from Osmo.  


The protective wax may take up to one week to fully cure after you receive your furniture so please exercise care during this time. Legs can be wiped down with a damp cloth from time to time as required. 

If you need any help with caring for your Grey Gum products please get in touch.