Handmade French oak farmhouse bench, hand selected to create a unique and beautiful grain pattern. Materials are sustainably sourced from France and handcrafted in England. Each bench is hand finished using natural oils and a bees wax blend. This provides your bench with good protection whilst maintaining the natural beauty of the timber. 

The elegant bench legs are turned from Scandinavian Redwood and finished in chalk paint and hand waxed. This provides a rustic look that is well protected and can be wiped down easily. Other paint colour options are available. 

Size options

Available in 2 seater, 3 seater or custom sizing.  


Bench Dimensions


2 seater: Length - 92cm, Width - 29cm, Height - 45.5cm


3 seater: Length - 144.5cm, Width - 29cm, Height - 45.5cm


Custom: Choose your own length measurement to fit your own table  (Height and width measurements remain standard)

Length - Max 200cm, Width - 29cm, Height - 45.5cm


French Oak Farmhouse Bench

  • Please visit the Annie Sloane website and choose your chalk paint colour then simply enter it into the paint choice box provided. 

  • Custom: You can choose your own length measurment to fit your own table up to a maximum length of 200cm. 

    If measuring your custom bench to fit between the legs of your table please allow a minimum of 16 cm (8cm each side) clearance to allow for easy movement of your benches under your table. Measure between your table legs and subtract 16cm = Length

    Type your length measurement in the box provided before checking out. 

    If you need any extra help please get in touch